Sitech Support

SITECH support is a customer service app that provides 24/7 support through a unique login portal. Using this app, problems can be easily resolved by customers independently. This is app is available exclusively for you as a SITECH customer in the App store or in the Google Play Store.

Sitech Support is active in +18 countries

Working faster &
better than ever

With the SITECH application

With the SITECH app you can as a customer yourself solve the most common problems. This allows you to get to work quickly again.

There is an interactive FAQ, where all questions can be answered. In addition, SITECH offers information about new products, installations or outages by push notifications, thus your business is always up to date with new developments. The goal of SITECH is to create a digital (learning) environment in which all users can communicate with each other by sharing content and relevant information.

Endless possibilities and
the best support

The Sitech app offers endless possibilities for solving problems or questions. It combines many links to different support modules, such as FAQ’s, chat function, MYSITECH, and much more! This can help in providing the best support to our users. As a Sitech user, you get personalized credentials to log in to your personal portal. You also have access to your data sheet that helps in managing your orders better. All this is made easier through an easy-to-use app that is customized according to all your support related questions.

Our team knows
how to support.

The Sitech team is always offering support! Sitech is an application that provides 24/7 support through a unique login portal. Through this application, customer problems can be easily resolved.

You will find many answers to frequently asked questions on the FAQ page. Is your question not listed on the FAQ page and would you like contact us for your question? No problem, then send an
e-mail to or call the number +31 6 83 162632 and you get an answer on your question! Adjustments or problems will be answered with a time indication, even if there are extra costs involed. Would you like to make an appointment with the Sitech team for help, questions or information? Then contact the team and you can make easily an appointment!